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"Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way." 

- Edward de Bono

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 I love creating, so it was only natural, that I would venture into the area of graphic design and Illustration. 

I have created one of a kind Logos, Book Covers, Brochures, Letter heads, Posters, Digital and Print Advertising and more.

For more, please book a free consultation or view my portfolio. 


I love to write and blog regularly on Cinemaddicts NZ  as well as here on my own blog

I have written Business Plans before and have worked as a ghost writer. I have written website and social media content before. 

I like writting a multitude of things, from formal, factual, grants and scripts to poetry and non-fiction. I also format books for eBook and Print Publication


It's no secret, I enjoy photography and have a soft side for all thing 'Abandoned.' Although I am skilled mainly in Landscape Photography, I am extending and will be offering Portrait Photography soon. 

I also offer Photo Editing  Services and Digital Restoration Services. 

For more, please visit my portfolio or book a free consultation. 


Typography: The way in which words and letters are arranged for print and design.

Art doesn't need to end with images. The way text is designed and presented is also a major part of any complete design. 

Whether you are looking for something 'basic', more decorative, or something with flair, I am sure I can help you achieve your vision. 


Managing your social media, creating engaging and unique content and building your following can be a nightmare -  especially when you may need to focus your energy elsewhere. 

Whether you're looking for just some  advice, ad creation, someone to manage your networks, I am happy to help you achieve your goals today!


I have been using WIX for 4+ years and WordPress 2+ years.  

I have collaborated with (and worked solo) creating functional, mobile optimized websites for Musicians, Churches and other service providers.  

Both platforms will have costs associated. Please see my Blog: WIX and WordPress - A Quick Comparison. 

Plant Mirror Reflection


Gunvir. S

Sam draws very well and has

an eye for pictorial composition and detail. 

Beverly. B

The communication was great, she's very professional and I would hire again. 

Speedy Readers

Sam created amazing eBook covers for us and was very easy

to work with!

Clock and Plant

Delivering honest movie reviews world wide and more. Visit Cinemaddicts today. 


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