I'm Sam Hain Winchester, but please just call me Sam. I am  a all-round creative,  and I love what I do. I love my job because it's always different, and I get to work with a range of people as well as help people reach their goals creatively. Aside from Graphic Design, I also have a passion for photography, Film, Writing, Art and all things horror. 


Certificates and Courses 

Social Media Marketing Intensive Successfully completed 2020 through Social Media College.


Certificate 3 in Print Communications (Graphic Design) Successfully completed 2019 through TAFE Tasmania 

Find and Assemble a Deal Team. Successfully completed through UDEMY 2019

Documentary Making: Powerful onscreen Storytelling. Successfully completed through UDEMY 2018

Landscape Photography. Successfully Completed through UDEMY 2018

Guest Blogging. Successfully Completed through UDEMY 2018

Filmmakers Guide: Become an incredible video creator. Successully completed through UDEMY 2018

Crowdfunding Mastery Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Successfully completed through UDEMY 2018

Certificate 4 in Small Business Management. Successfully completed through Mission Australia (NEIS program) 

Certificate 2 Music Industry. Foundation Completed through Newstead College 2002

Writers Workshop. Successfully completed through Newstead College 2002

Audio Design. Successfully completed through Newstead College 2002

Drama Stage 4. Successfully Completed through Newstead College 2001

Certificate 1 Workplace Skills. Completed Through Newstead College 2001