WIX and WordPress - A Quick Comparison

Updated: May 30, 2020

There are a few things to consider, but here is a quick comparison between WIX and WordPress including the information the 'ads' don't tell you!


WordPress and WIX have very similar themes. With WIX you can also build from Scratch and the Themes are provided for free. WordPress also have free themes but there are also themes that will cost you. You will need to have a theme to use WordPress but these can also be purchased through Envato and other companies, and be uploaded to WordPress.


WIX provides you with all the building tools for FREE, where as with WordPress, I have found the best Builder to be Elementor, but you are limited to what you can do with Elementor, without Elementor Pro which will set you back a few dollars.


WordPress will allow second level sub-pages whereas currently with WIX you can only have Main pages and sub-pages.


Both WordPress and WIX will allow integrations, but you'll need to know which platform and check with them if they are compatible. However, you may also need a plugin / app that will allow you to integrate, depending on your chosen hosting platform.


From my own experience and client feedback, In an overall comparison of WIX and WordPress, if you are a beginner, then WIX does stand out as the more user friendly platform, but if you have time to watch tutorials, read, and learn them you'll have no problem with WordPress either. WordPress also requires a bit more backend work and I have found it more time consuming to use. For example I recently built a site for a client on WordPress. It took roughly 30 hours because of the extra steps needed. If I had built the same site on WIX, it would have taken approximately 20 hours.


Now this can be tricky. Personally I have found, WordPress to have a lot of hidden fees. You need to pay for hosting etc. upfront and some of the plugins are not free. For example, Elementor has a free version, but it does limit, especially with Menu options. If you want to customize (.i.e. change drop-down menu backing colour) you'll need Elementor Pro, which is around $49.00 USD per year.

With WIx, their main 'hidden' costs are the extra apps, if you chose to have them. You don't need them. When it comes to building your website, it is FREE and does everything that Elementor Pro can do.

Hosting wise there is a free option with WIX . The main issues with the Free option are that WIX ads will show and you cannot have a custom URL. WordPress does the same to an extent, but you will get ads, your site can be deleted if you breech their terms and conditions for a free site, you cannot do member sites, you'll need to upgrade for a custom URL and you only get up to 3GB of storage space.

Here is a really good blog link that goes into more depth in relation to a free WordPress Site.

Here is a link to good blog in relation to WIX: - The comment in relation to 'may have to spend more on apps' is the same with WordPress. It really depends on your business and your needs.


Neither host or etc. URLS, but they can be mapped (pointed) to your WordPress or WIX site via DNS. It's not a big issue. :)